Painting your interior is self rewarding.
A complete detailed guide.

Painting your interior has an important advantage. This is something that you can learn and do. You will not have to pay anybody to give your home a new look. The best thing is you did it, it's self rewarding.

What stops you from an interior room painting job?

Is it moving everything, creating a mess, tedious and the thought of  all the work involved? Let's not think that way, think of it as fun and easy.

Painting your interior is really a simple project and you can do this. Hey, the professionals make it look easy. They had to learn somewhere, you can learn too. I would like to show you how.

I went ahead and wrote down some information that explains everything about painting your interior. It is a step by step guide that explains everything in detail.

Choosing colors--Using permanent fixtures, such as furniture and the color wheel, will create the right color combinations.

Tools--An inexpensive paint tray kit

Preparing the room--moving furniture, filling holes

Painting the ceiling---A technique that prepares the wall with a straight line for cutting in the wall paint.

Doors and Trim---Quick and easy. No need to tape.

Walls---Applying the proper amount of paint for an even smooth finish.

Cleaning---Simple and easy, just like washing the dishes.

Painting your interior of your home, is a job that many people don't want to do. As a painter, I find painting very rewarding.

The painting your interior how to tips I will show you are focused towards the home owner. There's no need to go out and buy fancy tools, or even a ton of stuff, just a few basic items.

If you have ever attempted to paint your home before, or hired someone, you might have had a hard time choosing colors. The key to interior paint color combinations are already in your room.

Combining the right colors and the correct way to paint, you can end up with a beautiful and professional looking room.

I will show you step by step, in this interior painting guide, what I did to repaint a bedroom and living room in my home. In the pictures below, you can see the before and after look of both rooms.



I almost forgot, what brand of paint should you buy. There are many different paints, all saying their the best. This may make your decision difficult. I'll give you my recommendations and the pros and cons of paints I've used.

In the paint section, their are links to other sites that give testimonials about different paints, you may be surprised about what you will read.

The tips and techniques that I show you are described in detail. I can,t be there with you but, I will try to explain to you what will or can happen. No surprises.

Many different types of, how to or instructional articles and books I've read, always seam to leave out some small important information. The intent for this guide, is to give you all the information.

Spending your weekend painting, is probably not the first thing you'll want to do on your days off. So my goal here, is to make this as painless and easy as possible, without spending a lot of money.

This site is for the do-it-yourselfer, the home owner. I will not show you how to use professional equipment, there is no need for these tools.

The first step you will want to tackle is a color. So, let's get started by choosing a color.